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Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout ***WARNING: SPOILER ALERT***First and foremost, I appreciate the fact that this series has finally found its own path and that it can now step out of Vampire Academy's shadow. Deity is fast-paced, engaging and full of plot twists.I LOVE Aiden more and more. He's so sweet and caring and supportive and why the hell guys like him don't exist in real life??.Anyway, I like Alex and Aiden's relationship, and I'm glad that she is so sure about her feelings and knows what she wants. I hope this means no more annoying triangle in the future (even if I can't see anything good coming for the two of them in the near future from that cliffhanger, but still).Also, I love that the Gods are now playing a bigger role in the story, because I absolutely adore mitology. I was totally clueless about Leon, so that was a really nice twist, which made me like him even more!Now, about Seth. Even if I've never been really fond of him, I don't agree with all the hate towards his character. Though what he did is not excusable, I think that, in the end, he's just a damaged guy searching for love and approval who fell for the lies of the first person that showed him a bit of (even if probably fake) affection. He saw in Lucian a paternal figure he needed to please and Lucian took advantage of that. I don't believe Seth is bad; he made a lot of stupid and wrong decisions, but he's not beyond redemption, or at least I hope so. I can now understand him better, and I just feel sorry for him.By the way, now I'm definitely ready for Apollyon. Gimme gimme gimme!