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The Assassin's Curse - “I don't trust beautiful people.”When I first read the blurb of The Assassin's Curse I was super excited. Pirates! Assassins! Curses! What could go wrong?Unfortunately though, in the end it didn't really live up to its hype. The first half of the book was extremely boring and uneventful, and the story started to get interesting just in the second half. At that point I began to really enjoy it, but that wasn't enough to make me give it more than 3 stars. Which is a pity, because it had so much potential and a great premise.The best part of The Assassin's Curse was Ananna. First of all, I love the fact that she is a pirate, that's so exciting! There aren't enough pirates in YA. But above all, she is a great heroine: brave, funny and strong, she can take care of herself and she doesn't have to be saved all the time by other people. On the contrary, she's the one doing the saving and helping Naji quite a lot, and that's awesome. She surely isn't a damsel in distress!I'm not sure about Naji, though. I generally liked his character and I can't wait to know more about him, but he is too lost in self-pity. Ok, you had a rough life, but now it's time to move on and stop complaining. I hope he'll soon open his eyes and see how amazing Ananna truly is.The world created by Clarke is really intriguing (in case you didn't notice: I love pirates), but I would have liked to know more about it.Hopefully the problems I had with this book (slow pace, not much plot) will be solved in the next installment, which I'll definitely read because it looks very promising. Overall, I don't feel like advising you against reading it, because maybe you'll find it more engaging than I did; but I think there are better books out there waiting for you.