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Graceling - Kristin Cashore I'm a bit conflicted about this book. Overall it was a great read, very enjoyable and engaging. I loved the first part, with the description of the Seven Kingdoms and the introduction of the characters, and the concept of Gracelings is very interesting. Katsa is a great heroine, at first detached and arrogant, but later on she becomes caring and more relatable, and I like the fact that she wants to be indipendent. Po is funny and loving: it's such a nice change to get to read about sweet love interests who don't treat the main character like garbage because they have to keep up their bad-boy appearance. All the other characters are quite likeable as well - Bitterblue, Raffin, Oll.However, this book isn't without flaws. Katsa's Grace seems... exaggerated: she can do almost everything -she's strong, fast, she doesn't need to eat or sleep much, she doesn't suffer the cold- just because her Grace is survival. I think it's a little stretched :/And I didn't like the villain or the way he died, too easy. What were his real motives? Why did he act that way? In the end, nothing is explained because he's dead, so we'll never know. Too convenient.But, as I said, it's a really nice book, and I think fantasy lovers will probably like it. I think I'm gonna read the sequels sooner or later, because I loved this world, and I'm curious to know more about it :)