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The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead I can see why everybody loved this book: it’s full of endless love talks and love polygons, and that’s exactly why I didn’t like it. In fact, I am really disappointed.I quite liked Bloodlines, even if not as much as VA: but it was just the first book, so the series could always get better. Unfortunately, at least for me, this didn’t happen with this second installment.It's just that The Golden Lily has no plot: for about 300 pages the characters only complain about their love problems, and that's it; and when we glimpse a glimmer of plot it's all SO predictable. Seriously, I saw that coming from the first time vampire hunters were nominated in Bloodlines.What really annoyed me is Sydney: I just can’t get to like her. She’s always telling everybody how clever she is, how it’s so hard for her to be around inferior people, because she can’t talk with them about windmills or thermodynamics or whathever… and yet she fails to see things that are OBVIOUS to everybody. Come on, she has to do a spell to realize that Trey is linked with vampire hunters! -.-I liked her relationship with Adrian, I thought it was well built, but… I didn’t love them as I was expecting. I don’t know, they’re cute together, but I just can’t seem to really care about them. And about the so-called cliffhanger… honestly, it’s not really a surprise. What did you think was going to happen exactly?And about the other characters - sorry, what other characters?? This book was basically just about Sydney and Adrian, and that’s why everybody loved it.What about Jill? I didn’t particularly like her in Bloodlines, but she didn’t have any reason to be in this book, ‘cause she did absolutely NOTHING. The same goes, sadly, for Eddie: I’ve always loved him, and it pains me to see how he was treated here. Their only purpose was to complain about ther love problems. Why, why Richelle?? Also, something that really, really bugged me was Sydney and Adrian's attitude towards the Strigoi experiments: they want to save everybody, they want to find a solution, of course. As long as they don’t have to do anything about it: therefore, Sydney can’t be expected to do something in order to help Sonya and Dimitri if it troubles her. Why should she?Oh, and can someone explain to me why Sonya and Dimitri had to go to Palm Spring for their research? If they only needed an objective spirit user, coudn’t they use, I don’t know, Lissa?? Of course, now they have Sydney’s blood, which is problably going to change the world, but they didn’t actually have any reason to go there in the first place.And finally... where was Abe???I like romance in books, I really do: but there has to be something else beside that, such as, I don't know, an actual plot.I'm gonna keep reading this series, of course, because I have a feeling that Sydney is going to be locked up in a re-education center (and I'd really like to see that) and because it can still get better. But I have to say that I'm not looking forward to the next installments.